If you are looking for something you don’t find here, please let me know.  I sometimes take custom work, especially if it is something that I have on my mind, also.


Versatile and flattering, this shell blouse can be worn by itself, or over another top or even a dress.  And it looks great under a blazer.  Woven in a traditional lace structure out of cotton, Tencel and/or linen, they breathe on hot days and keep you warm on cold days.

These are available in woven patterns, or dyed or painted one-of-a-kind patterns, and by special order. 

Please use the contact form to inquire about color and fiber availability.


The “Infinity Poncho” is so called because it can be worn in an infinite number of ways.  Many of them look completely different on the inside, and so can be reversed, doubling the options.  They are OSFM (One Size Fits Most), so an excellent gift.

I make these in Tencel and rayon chenille, Bambu (rayon derived from bamboo), natural alpaca and a variety of other luxury yarns including silk and silk blends.  Some of them I dye, Shibori style, and they are one-of-a-kind, art pieces.

How to wear an infinity poncho.

The basic options are with the twist in the front or with the point in the front.  However, they can be worn off one shoulder or slung across your shoulders.  You can adjust the twist so that both sides can be seen at once, or make the other side disappear completely.  

Some of the alpaca infinity ponchos have a half twist and are extra long, so that you can wear them as a hood for extra warmth.

Also in natural alpaca, there are traditional ponchos and Mexican style ponchos.


Transforming your look as from a caterpillar to a butterfly, this is a dramatic, fun addition to your wardrobe.  Essentially a shawl with sleeves, it steals the show with jeans and a t-shirt or complements your evening wear.


Ubiquitous, vests can be for warmth, or to change up a look, or both.  Think of a long lace one over a dress or a short one for everyday cover.


This simple perennial dress style offers comfort and flexibility.  In the summer it’s a sun dress.  In the winter, over a turtleneck and tights, it’s a jumper.


These soft and draping shawls are woven from silk and alpaca in traditional Huck Lace.  They are light and airy but warm and comforting.  These are the ultimate one-size-fits-all gift.